Elle Wolf Jan 2021 - Mary Matheson Photo

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit on Mars sipping an old fashioned while reminiscing on past lovers and the interstellar connections that could be flying your way at any moment? Have you ever tried howling at the moon from the other side of the moon? Join Elle Wolf on her Galactic Synth Pop adventure.


Elle Wolf is an electro-pop artist who creates bass-driven, dark alternative music with ethereal synth and emotional vocals. She is gripping, dark, and above all else, “otherworldly”. Elle writes music from the heart. She is blunt, unapologetic, and means every word of it. 


In January 2020, Elle released her debut single ‘Queen’. “It’s destructive and revealing, leaving a seed of doubt for us to (undoubtedly) reflect on our own complex lives.” - Chloe Hoy The Permanent Rain Press. In this last year she has released 2 more singles, with her recent single ‘Let’s Find Out’ released Feb 12th 2021. 


Alongside the single releases, Elle has released music with GODDEXX (formerly known as Diana Boss) and collaborated with Gabrial Savage in their song ‘Rough Seas’. 

Elle currently resides in Vancouver, BC where she continues to write, record, and release dark electro-pop music. 



“Elle Wolf might just be Vancouver’s Queen of electro-pop” 

- Chill Rose Radio